Editpad much better editor than Windows-notepad , no sizelimit, at the same time you can open a lot of files and switch between it, only in german language. (freeware)

Barclock Titlebar-clock with a lot of functions like alarms, timers, warnings, calendar, chimes, free harddiskspace, stopwatch, free changeble position in titlebar, show date, and many more. (shareware)

(latest version 6.01)
Total-Commander (formerly Windows-Commander), much more functions than explorer especially because of using two windows like Norton-Commander but much better than it. Open zip-files and cab-files like directories, compress and decompress files like copy files. You need it to making backups and restores.
The best replacement for Windows - explorer ! (shareware)

Sydare Systembackup Makes a sytembackup at every first start of the computer at every day to a separatly path, you can select the files and directory yourself, only in german language. (freeware)

ACDSee The fastest picture viewer I know, shows all picture-filetypes. (shareware)

Clipboard Magic
(701 kb)
Astonishing clipboard - tool, it saves more than one word or text in a separate file so you can copy them into other applications easily. (freeware) homepage

FreeMem Professional This program enables you to stay in control of Windows memory management. It is possible to free up a specified amount of RAM. This will make working with your PC a lot smoother. You can verify the result with the integrated easy to understand statistics. Unattended regular operations and special boot-time options are
easily set up. A tray icon or a window on the taskbar will keep you informed on your memory status. Allocate and Free used RAM (shareware)

CpuIdle Best tool for CPU cooling! CpuIdle lowers the CPU temerature by disabeling the CPU when not needed. This prolongs the CPU life (a decrease by 10C doubles the life span) and cuts power consumtion. (shareware)

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( 84,2 kb )
"Tweak UI" allows you to fine-tune ("tweak") the Windows User Interface ("UI").To install "Tweak UI", right-click on TWEAKUI.INF after unzip and select "install", that's all.
To run "Tweak UI", double-click its icon in the Control Panel.
To learn more about "Tweak UI", click the "Contents" button in the button bar at the top of this window.
To uninstall "Tweak UI", make sure to follow the instructions in the "How to... Uninstall Tweak UI" section of this help file. (freeware)

(120 kb)
Buzof is an amazing tool for automatic mouseclicks on often repeated Windows - messages and popup windows (shareware) homepage

(337,0 kb)
MicroSoft-registry-cleaner removes unused registry-values in its directory as reg-file. Usage: Create a new directory with the name "RegClean" and copy the exe-file from zip-file into it. Create a new link, you are ready to start regclean. (freeware)

( 540,7 kb )
MicroSoft-registry-cleaner newest version (freeware)

(38,2 kb)
cdfs.vxd (newer version), uses AudioCDs like wav-files (freeware)

(66,1 kb)
EzDesk, shareware program for saving and restoring desktop-iconlayout.

(25,7 kb)
DoubleDesktop for Windows'9x/NT: a clever and easy to use utility that effectively doubles the width of Windows desktop. With a single mouse click you can switch between "left" and "right" parts of the desktop and move windows between them. (freeware)

(109,8 kb)
IconCorral is a tool that allowes to put minimized applications into the systemtray. (freeware)

useful DOS - programs :

Volkov Commander
(v.4.99.07 alpha - 236,4 kb)
The best replacement for Norton Commander. It can open very big zip-archives an cab-files under DOS and shows long filenames under Windows 9x. Very smal program, copy it to your bootdisc. (freeware) homepage

(v.6.25 - 227,4 kb)
Best tool for formating DS, DD and HD floppy disks to 820 kb or 1722 kb and many other sizes. A simply to use DOS-program with copy-function also but not for bootable disks. (freeware) homepage

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