Important hint :
All programs are without virus, no trojans and they are tested at my and my friends computers. Anyway using at your own risk !
( These programs are packed with zip )

Tun town: Angel with holy light
(49 kb)

The ultimate "Elchtest" for your PC :- )                       
(1,5 kb)                       

A sheep: smart, easy-care and indestructible
(115 kb)

Who doesn't know Mr. Bean ?
(135 kb)

The drinkholder by Coca Cola
(130 kb)

Fred, oh no, not Firestone, he was more intelligent
(277 kb)

How drunk are you, alcohol test for thirsty PC - user
(95 kb)

Winerror:  enlagement for the Windows-error-database :- )
(850 kb)
( it is onely in german language, but you can edit and translate it )

Funny screensavers :

Screen Antics : the sailor at a lonely island
(Win 3.1, 95/98) very old, but very good (1,44 mb)

The chain-smoker
(Win 3.1, 95/98 - 85 kb)

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