At this page you find also a little bit for laughing !


Bill Gates at the Windows 98 - presentation with the compulsory blue screen of death

(June/1998) mov-video (ca. 1,6 mb)

With the controlcamera observed :
Programming at Microsoft

(June/1998) mpeg-video (ca. 416 kb)

Bill Gates has been hit by a cream pie in Brussels

( 04.02.1998 ) mpeg-video (ca. 724 kb)

without picture
(it's too terrible)
a very bad car-crash
( A bad wish of many Windows-Users for Bill Gates :- ) )

mpeg-video (ca. 609 kb)

without picture Attack of a black panther :- )

mpeg-video (ca. 245 kb)

without picture Run bunny, run ...

mpeg-video (ca. 609 kb)

Little midi-player with 10 songs

For all, they have an older soundcard, without real-midi, here you can compare :

for example, that's the sound of my midi-player "song_017.mid" with a good soundcard
( Soundblaster Live Player 1024 ) wav-audio (ca. 822 kb)

a little onlinegame to try out
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Bubble Puzzle

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