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Begin working at this pages 07/17/2000
Diary of my pages (only in German)

my weatherstation

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Hello and users,
First I'll tell you a little about myself. My name is Wolfgang and I live in Poessneck / Thuringia (the green heart of Germany) in the center of Germany. I am 60 years old, single, and my hobbies include my dog and computers in that order.
This dog is restless in the same way as my Bajo !
I've selected a few things which I hope you find interesting. By the way, my web page is a "work in progress". I'm still in the process of developing my web site, and it'll be awhile before it's finished, if any.
... Check it out again in a few days ! ...
Under following icon    you will find a little midi-player with fifteen songs, try it out. Don't minimize the player, put it in the background. If you go to other web pages, it will continue to play music in the background.

In the German version you will find more details and links to other german pages, but I didn't know if it's interesting for users, they couldn't speak or read in German language.
If you like my web page, tell your friends and co-workers about it. If not, write to me and let me know your opinion. I will appreciate all suggestions I receive.

Please tell to me, if you find any mistakes in my English version

  Have fun with my pages ! :- )  

Last, but not least, is my e-mail form, for anyone that would like to write to me :

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   my address you can receive in my answer because of spam
You can also write into my guestbook, but it's an imported application and only in german language therefore.

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ICQ - Nb.: 73753684
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