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Some informations about my system:
Case: Bigtower with 5 fans + power pack fan
Power pack ATX 400 Watt
Mainboard: Abit NF 7-S
CPU: AMD Athlon XP 2000+
Ram 2x256 MB-DDR PC 3200 (Infineon)
Graphic: PixelView GeForce FX 5200 128 MB DDR
Sound: Creative Soundblaster Liveplayer 1024
Harddiscs: 1 x IDE - 80 gb + 1 x SATA 260 gb
Video: Miro PC Studio TV+ (with radio)
Operatingsystems: Windows 2000 + Windows XP prof. + Windows 98
Monitor: Vision Magic 772 - 17 Zoll
Modem: AVM Fritz WLAN Surf & Phone Box 2+ 7170 ("1und1" DSL)
RW + DVD: Samsung DVD ± RW + JLMS XJ-HD 165 H (both IDE)
Network: 10/100 MB/ISA on board
Printer: HP Laserjet III p, parallel (black/white)
Flatbed - Scanner: Highscreen Realscan 3 pass (MRS600-E3), 600 dpi (SCSI)

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